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It is never easier to learn a foreign language than when you are a child. Bursting with curiosity, children immerse themselves naturally in the target language. The sooner they begin their learning, the greater their chances of being able to speak without an accent. In addition, experience shows us how much our young learners enjoy and practice their new language with pride, confidence, and naturalness.

Your Session

Professors in practice (Aggregation, CAPES …) or qualified teachers, our educational workers are selected after a rigorous recruitment procedure
Minimum duration of a session
Primary: 1 hour session; College: 1h30 session, High School: 2h session

Good to know

Duration: Minimum package of 10h, the duration of the courses is determined according to your needs in consultation with the teacher
Your coupons are valid throughout the year and fully refundable
The 20 hours package includes a free hour (payment can be made in installments at no charge).
The 30-hour package includes two hours free (payment can be made in installments at no charge).
For more information, you can contact us at or through our contact form.

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