Intensive Course


Our intensive programs are offered during the school holidays. It allows an effective course review and the general consolidation of the skills on one or several subjects. Your child can focus on their holidays to prepare for their exams or enhance their level of understanding.

Duration : 2h per day as 10 per week

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Up to 2 subjects per day can be revised with specifics teachers.
Choose 1, 2 or 3 subjects as sessions from 1h30 among the following subjects: Mathematics, French, Science, History and Geography
Groups are limited in number from four to six students and arranged according to the level of the participants. Whilst each student benefits from individual attention, working in a group stimulates and enhances attention levels.

Good to know

Intensive courses are taught by experienced teachers who are carefully selected for their skills, their dynamism and their ability to build a trust relationship at the group and individual level.
Our training is located in the German School (situated in front of the French School in Academic City).

Intensive Course 2019

Winter course Easter course Special Examen
February 10 to Thursday, February 14 Sunday, April 7th to Thursday, April 11th Every April Weekend to exams   



Prépa Bac Science (TS) Prépa Bac Eco  (TES) Prépa Brevet 3eme
9h-11h Math Sciences Éco Français
11h-13h Physique-Chimie Math Math
13h30-15h30 SVT Histoire Geo Sciences

1-S 1-ES Seconde
9h-11h Physique-Chimie Français Math
11h-13h Français Math Français
13h30-15h30 Math Sciences Sciences


Subject 1 Subject 2 Subject 3
200 AED/h 180 AED/h 170 AED/h

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